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Effortlessly Being

We actually don't need a lot of things to get to a safe place of nothing but pure happiness. All we need is to be ourselves, our true selves. Commit everything around us to shaping self of truth.
Truth is all it takes for us to make meaningful changes around us. You being truth is everything that you need to live purposeful. In this way you will be effortless in action. You will make strides without sweating. The action done will make sense to a point that you will get so caught up in it. You will only notice later that you have made a lot of movements and went on so many steps.
This will allow you to be fully present in action. You will do everything with so much care because you understand that it's a way to another step. Everything makes so much sense because you know the truth, not only you being truth but your circumstances also being true. Being true because they exist around truth. Truth that is you.
You understand that truth can't have problems, truth is …

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