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'Now you see me' My Review

"Seeing is believing but is it real? It all depends on your perspective.." One phrase that made sense for me. The movie is "Now you see me" and in this regard the second edition. 'Now you see me 2'
It's always a case of what you perceive life as, and a lot of time failure to broaden your perspective has limited your best living, that is your peace, happiness and freedom. After watching the movie multiple times, I have always missed the beginning of the second edition and after seeing it today it finally made the movie click. The beginning picks up on the summary of the first edition to make one understand even if you never watched the first edition.
It's a sequel, so carrying on from the first edition to get to an important point, which I hope will allow for the third edition for the selfish reason of enjoying smartness. Now this point is the horsemen finally getting to know 'The Eye'. Now the eye has always been in front of them b…

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