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Made Sick

We live in such a sick world. We have defined sickness as a physical thing and had boxed it to that. But we overlook sickness that allows the body best functionality but screws everyone else.
This is the sickness that lets people think that it is okay to enforce your way of living to other people. Almost everyone who is born, is been made to be. They choose how they want you to be and so will force the life they want you to live.
They will tell you to be anything else in the world, as long as it is not you. They will tell you how to look, how to talk and how to walk. Basically they see telling you who to be. This then shuts your thoughts that hold the most truth about your life. So you focus on the thought they have placed you to be.
The sickness goes to an extend of them getting angry when you do the total opposite of what they want. Which is most probably your truth and access to best living. They think the way to life is misery that they too have been taught. They don…

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